Welcome To The Final Edition Of Grant County ND News

This editor has finally left the state of North Dakota and will no longer be covering news in Grant or any other county.

During the past 5 years this editor and a few brave citizens fought and got the Nazis convicted of various crimes including terrorism and run out of Grant County.

Three previous corrupt county commissioners were more or less forced out of office by either losing an election or deciding not to run for re-election.

A former county auditor resigned in shame not once but twice and a deputy auditor also resigned.

A tax director retired as well as a 911 coordinator.

An infamous states attorney resigned from Grant County, was fired by Sioux County, fired by McKenzie County and lost his bid for a judgeship multiple times as well as being called before the North Dakota Supreme Court Disciplinary Board also multiple times.

A long time deputy sheriff was forced to either resign or be fired for being drunk on duty.

And finally...let it be known that two NAZI SYMPATHIZERS of the now convicted NAZI TERRORIST CRAIG COBB continue to reside in the tiny town of Leith and were even elected to the city council.

Isn't this what the NAZIS wanted all along?...now they almost have it.

The only thing that stands in their way is the formidable town mayor and this editor.

It seems that the citizens of Leith do not have the balls to dissolve the town as the measure on this year's ballot was defeated 10 to 9 votes.

North Dakotans will now have to deal with and depend upon the liberal news media for their news involving their politicians and their corrupt ways.

Thank you to the many people who have supported this site over the past 5 years with their emails and visits.

Have a Merry Christmas and an even Happier New Year.

And...God Bless America.